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  English interpretation between languages is actually a flexible conversion, to be an excellent interpreter, in addition to enough knowledge outside, in terms of conversion should also be flexible enough. But in English interpretation, in fact, there are many forbidden areas, and the Nanjing translation company will come to share with you what the most common forbidden area has.
  A: the words stuck in the box. When it comes to English interpretation, it is unavoidable to meet new words, so the biggest taboo is in the part of the new words. In fact, if you don't understand something, you must continue to listen, instead of stopping at the place where the new words are. Otherwise, your attention will be overly influenced, causing the latter part not to be heard, and the new words can be guessed with context.
  Forbidden area two: unfamiliar to the customer's accent. Each person may have a different accent at the time of speaking, which affects the efficiency and effect of translation when it meets the unfamiliar accent.
  Forbidden area three: never ask to take notes. The notes are too much, too detailed, and will not be able to listen to the content behind. When this translation, will give people a kind of put all sorts of things together, the expression cannot complete feeling. Also, there are too many notes and too much interference. Especially in English interpretation. The so-called "note taking" is nothing more than to remember the important logical relationship, the hard to remember part, the concept and the proper nouns, numbers and so on.
  Penalty area four: unfamiliar with the content, resulting in too much time to waste in thinking, so that the completion of translation will exceed the specified time.


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